Cuban Faces of 2015: Antonio Castro, Son Of Fidel Castro And Doctor / 14ymedio

Antonio Castro, the Cuban ex-president's youngest son. (EFE)
Antonio Castro, the Cuban ex-president’s youngest son. (EFE)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 30 December 2015 — Although his father based his political speech in a call for austerity and denigration of the powerful, Antonio Castro – the ex-president’s youngest son – leapt into the headlines in 2015 for doing the exact opposite. In July he was surprised while vacationing in Bodrum, Turkey. The Turkish press uncovered his stay at the most expensive hotel in the area, where along with his companion he reserved five suites.

Castro arrived in Bodrum from the Greek island of Mykonos on a 160-foot yacht and the images of his stay filtered into Cuba through alternative distribution networks. Fidel Castro’s son, who works as a doctor, dined in a luxury restaurant while just outside several Turkish photographers tried to capture the moment, but his bodyguards attacked the journalists and tried to grab their cameras.

Weeks later, Castro was captured by reporters during a stay in New York, dressed in brand name athletic clothes and holding a teddy bear.