Cuban Baseball Player Roel Santos Stranded in Miami Will Be Able To Join the Olmecas of Tabasco

Cuban baseball player Roel Santos is in Miami and will travel to Havana to recover his documents that were stolen from him. (Instagram)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Mexico, 30 March 2023 — The theft of his passport, with a U.S. and Mexico visa, in addition to his work permit, prevented Cuban baseball player Roel Santos from joining the preseason with the Olmecas of Tabasco.

However, a source within the Mexican team confirmed to 14ymedio that the player “already received permission in the United States to travel to Havana,” where he will be able to retrieve his documents and travel to Mexico before April 20, in time for the start of the Mexican Baseball League.

On Thursday morning, Santos was in Miami, where he was the victim of a robbery for which no details have been given, but a  source on his team says that “he is expected to be here in the coming days” and that his participation “is in the plans” of Mexican managers. On the Facebook profile Estadio Centenario 27 de Febrero, a video was uploaded in which the Cuban athlete invites fans to attend the  Tabasco team’s headquarters to learn about the new attractions.

Through the publication by Olmecas New Times, it was reported that Santos would take between a month and a half to two months to recover his documentation, during which time “he could not leave the United States.” However, after a few calls from the baseball player, the situation changed, and Havana is already working on the recovery of his documents.

The specialized media Pelota Cubana confirmed that the baseball player, a native of Granma province, had not been able to leave Miami after his participation with Team Asere, which finished fourth place in the World Classic after a controversial match in which the Cuban team faced the United States. This Thursday, the athlete shared a video on his Instagram account in which he is seen on a yacht, as well as some images of his stay in Florida.

Santos started playing for the Olmecas de Tabasco in 2019. At that time he had experience in the Independent Canadian-American League, in the Professional League of Japan and in the Colombian Professional Baseball League.

Play-Off Magazine revealed in 2020 that Roel Santos had a salary of $7,000 per month. In the same publication, the then-president of the Cuban Baseball Federation, Higinio Vélez, assured that the entire amount of the money was received by the athlete, and the Federation received the equivalent of 20% of the club’s contract.

The numbers for Santos in the summer with the Olmecs were phenomenal. After 68 games he had a batting average of .411. In 253 turns at bat, he hit 8 home runs, had 104 hits and assisted 30 runs.

During the winter he played with the Naranjeros de Hermosillo of the Arco League in Mexico and reached the semifinals. In the regular tournament he was a star in 58 games, with a batting average of .303, and he excelled in the left and center fields.

Translated by Regina Anavy


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