Cuba: The Head of Comunales de Santa Clara Was Arrested for Reselling Garbage Containers

The trash collection containers were resold for up to 15,000 pesos, reported the official Fuerza del Pueblo website.

Citizens arrested for the diversion of garbage cans / Collage

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, April 15, 2024 — The head of Comunales de Santa Clara, in Villa Clara, has been arrested for diverting garbage collection cans for resale in the informal market. According to the state Fuerza del Pueblo page on Facebook, the official, Dianel García, was arrested along with three other individuals who collaborated with him.

The information indicates that García provided the containers to someone named Jorge Luis, presumably one of the detainees, who marketed them in the informal market at 12,500 pesos. Another citizen, whom they name as Felix, and his son-in-law, whose identity they do not reveal, sold them for 15,000 pesos. Fuerza del Pueblo points out that the origin of the containers is being investigated and if others are involved.

Among the many comments that the publication received, that of user Nancy Alemán stands out, who indicates that she resides in Santa Clara and works in Communal Services. “These garbage containers were stolen in areas of the Pastorita and XX Anniversary Buildings. I hope that the police will act on this case,” she says.

“Yes, there are containers. They should control the garbage more so that these things don’t happen”

Another citizen, Omar González Rojo, uploaded a photo showing a mountain of garbage in the middle of the street. “Look, we have gone through all the channels to solve the problem of the micro landfill on Peña Blanca Street [in Santa Clara], and they tell us that they don’t have any containers. Where did they go? Yes, there are containers, and they should control them more so that these things don’t happen. Isa’s Alley is still waiting for a dumpster to help the community,” he said.

Several users also commented that the garbage cans are bought by the so-called plastic collectors. After melting them, they use plastic to make various items: hangers for clothes, food storage containers (pots or storage containers) and broomsticks, which they then market.

The situation of solid waste collection throughout the Island is critical. On repeated occasions 14ymedio has reported the shortage of fuel and measures to collect garbage and the proliferation of landfills.

The residents of Playa and Luyanó have contacted, more than once, this newspaper to denounce the serious situation of the garbage dumps which smell bad and are overrun with rats. Another risk is that the mountains of garbage are being set on fire, causing serious consequences to the community.

On March 12, the official newspaper Escambray published that in Sancti Spíritus, the lack of personnel to collect the garbage is turning the province into a giant landfill. They also do not have enough transport: only eight of the 21 vehicles and none of their 25 tractors operate.

Translated by Regina Anavy


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