Cuba: One Dead and Nine Injured in Accident in Cienfuegos

One of the passengers of the Azcuba truck died in the accident, while the remaining nine were sent to the hospital, where they remain under observation. (Facebook)

14ymedio biggerEFE/14ymedio, Havana, 13 June 2022 — One person died and nine others were injured when the passenger truck in which they were traveling fell down a steep slope in the vicinity of Loma de la Ventana, in the central province of Cienfuegos, the provincial newspaper 5 de septiembre reported this Saturday.

The accident occurred shortly after noon in the vicinity of Loma de la Ventana, one of the access points to the Cienfuegos mountain range through the municipality of Cumanayagua.

According to First Lieutenant Jorge Luis Pérez Rodríguez, duty officer of the Criminal Justice System in Cienfuegos, a truck belonging to the state group Azcuba, which was heading to San Blas, was involved in the event.

“Makeshift buses”are common in Cuba; here a cart pulled by a tractor is used as a bus in Pinar del Rio. (MJ Porter)

Emilio Ramón Mayor Llerena, 56 years old and driver of the vehicle, lost control of the truck, which plunged down a slope in an area where this type of dangerous terrain abounds.

The incident caused the death of one of the passengers, Alfredo Díaz Cabrera, from Aguada de Pasajeros and a resident of the La Federal neighborhood.

The Emergency Department of the General University Hospital Dr. Gustavo Aldereguia Lima, in Cienfuegos, said that nine injured were treated, including a minor who, after being evaluated in this center and found to be out of danger, was transferred to the Paquito González Cueto Pediatric Hospital.

The rest of the wounded were also classified in this way and placed under observation.

From January to May of this year, a daily average of 27 accidents have been reported in Cuba in which an average of two people die and 30 are injured. For every 14 accidents, one death results, according to evaluations by the National Traffic Directorate.

In the first months of this year there were 4,062 claims, a marked growth compared to 2020 and 2021, when mobility was very limited by the pandemic, according to the latest statistics from the Vehicle Registration department of that state agency.

Among the main causes of accidents on Cuban roads, the authorities point out that 89% of the accidents occur due to not attending to the control of the vehicle, violating the right of way, speeding, technical malfunctions and ingestion of alcoholic beverages.

Likewise, the crash of vehicles in motion is the type of accident with the highest incidence, while the deterioration of the road registered an increase, after a report of 333 accidents.

The poor state of the roads and the aging vehicle fleet in the country, where cars with more than 50 years old continue to travel, are among the factors that most influence conditions, with little reference from the authorities.


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