Cuba: Family Member Confirms to ’14ymedio’ that Yunior Garcia and Dayana Prieto Disappeared on Tuesday

Yunior Garcia Aguila and his wife went for a walk on Tuesday and since then no one has heard anything about them. (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Luz Escobar, Havana, 17 November 2021 — Yunior García Aguilera and Dayana Prieto slept at their house on Monday and went out for a walk on Tuesday morning. From that moment on, relatives who visited the opponent’s home near midnight of the same day lost track of the couple, according to family members who spoke to 14ymedio.

The mother of the playwright’s wife, visibly nervous, told this newspaper that it is unlikely that someone would break into the house and that García Aguilera’s plan was not to open the gate at the door of his house to any stranger. What they fear is that, during the walk, there was an arrest.

The La Lisa neighborhood, where García Aguilera lives with his family was completely militarized between Sunday and Monday, but presented total calm last night and, apparently, the surveillance had been lifted.

The Archipiélago platform declared the opponent and his wife missing after a collaborator repeatedly knocked on the door of their house at around 6:00 in the evening without obtaining a response, and asked for a proof of life. Hours later, and after talking to this newspaper which had also verified the absence of García Aguilera, he confirmed his concern and urgently demanded proof that the couple is in good condition.

This Tuesday also, Archipiélago denounced the disappearance of its moderator, Daniela Rojo, who, they say, has been “kidnapped” by State Security. “An official of those entities, without saying the exact word of the crime they commit (kidnapping), made it known to the family with total impudence, and without communicating where they have her. Since then, her accounts on social networks have disappeared,” they say in a statement.

In the text, they specify that Rojo “is a young mother of two children” and is one of the members of the Archipiélago “who has suffered the most harassment and threats.” They note that last week she was summoned to the Department of Attention to Minors of the Ministry of the Interior for an “extensive interrogation” where she received “a veiled threat” related to the well-being of her children.

They also denounced “the arbitrariness and human rights violations” against the young woman, and “the treatment she may be receiving” given that previously after one of the “several arbitrary arrests where she was hooded, subjected to prolonged interrogations and harassment” Rojo, who is one of the Archipiélago moderators, published a video on her networks saying she would not participate in the Civic March for Change in order to have “a life and a future” and from that moment they lost communication with her.

A statement from the Commission to Support the 15N (15 November) protesters facing repression, denounced “the increase in the repressive wave” verified since the day before and during the 15th of November.

“There were despicable acts of repudiation, cutting off communication with the outside through intermittent internet cuts, and also internally because that measure was extended in some cases to fixed phone lines,” they said.

Also, in Camagüey, a mob of people went to the headquarters of the Archdiocese and carried out an act of repudiation this Monday against Father Alberto Reyes, who has demonstrated on many occasions against the Cuban Government. The priest earlier this week published a video in which he claimed to have been warned by the regime that clergy like himself who participated in the march called by Archipiélago were going to be arrested.

The group was accompanied by an official vehicle, according to a video broadcast on social networks, where the repressors are also heard shouting offensive phrases against Father Reyes.


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