Cuba: Faces Of The Year 2017

These 14 Cubans make up the great common face of the complexity that is Cuba of 2017. (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 24 December 2017 — As we do every year, we have selected a list of 14 people who have stood out over the last twelve months within the Island. People who, through art, music, activism, a sports discipline, politics or from any another sphere, have left a mark.

With their drive and determination they made the year that is about to end a unique and unrepeatable moment. These 14 Cubans, far beyond assessments of their actions, be they positive or negative, make up the great common face of the complexity of Cuba of 2017:

  • Aimara Peña, independent candidate
  • Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, artist
  • Daniel Llorente, the man with the flag
  • Karla Pérez, journalism student
  • Dayana Chávez Victoria, ‘La Señorita Dayana’, reguetonera
  • Osleni Guerrero, badminton athlete
  • Sol García Basulto, reporter
  • Rosa María Payá, activist
  • Alexei Gámez, computer scientist
  • Joaquín Quintas Solá, General of the Army Corps
  • José Rubiera, meteorologist
  • Karina Gálvez, economist
  • José Conrado Rodríguez, priest
  • Haydée Milanés, singer

Today we begin the publication of the profiles of Cubans who left their mark over the course of the year.


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