Cuba Begins Two-Day Moncada 2021 Military Exercises

Raúl Castro was present with Díaz-Canel at the start of the Moncada 2021 exercise yesterday. (Estudios Revolución)

14ymedio biggerEFE/14ymedio, Havana, 19 November 2021 – The Moncada 2021 military exercise, which was convened to coincide with the date initially requested for the Civic March for Change, began this Thursday in Cuba with the participation of the high political command, including former President Raúl Castro, and in order to “prepare in situations of risk or threat to the security of the country “.

For two days, the main Cuban leaders and military chiefs will study “actions to prevent and face risk situations, threats and attacks on the country’s security,” according to the official state newspaper Granma.

The organ of the Communist Party of Cuba added that the maneuvers are carried out in the scenario of “unconventional war” imposed by the United States.

On Saturday 20, when Moncada 2021 ends, the National Defense Day will be celebrated with training activities and others contextualized in the “War of All the People,” a current strategy in Cuba in the face of eventual aggression.

The Cuban government convened these exercises last October 8, making them coincide with the date on which the Archipiélago opposition platform had requested permission to organize its marches in favor of political change in the country, scheduled for November 20.

Faced with this decision that the group considered “the threat of the tanks,” Archipiélago changed the day of its mobilization to November 15 to avoid coinciding with Defense Day, but the Government still did not give authorization, making the march illegal, also militarizing the country and threatening or preventing many activists from leaving their homes.

Every year, Cuba holds military exercises at this time, although the specific dates were interpreted as a clear response to the demonstrations, confirmed by the attitude towards the March even as the day moved. In addition, Moncada Exercises are of a higher level than traditional maneuvers and are usually announced much longer in advance.

The Moncada military exercises have been carried out sporadically with the objective of “increasing the level of preparation and cohesion of the leadership and command bodies at all levels, the troops, the economy and the population.”

The first time they were held was in 1980 — the most prominent were in 2007 and 2008 — and they are generally convened as an appeal to the United States that they “not underestimate” the Cuban people.


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