Cuba and Russian Mafia Capitalism

President Miguel Díaz-Canel and Russian advisor Titov Boris Yurievich, accompanied by other officials, this January in Havana. (Presidency)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Jorge Hernández Fonseca, Miami, May 8, 2023 — Cuba today faces a dangerous future: the implantation of Russian mafia capitalism on the Island. It is the defeat of communist ideology, without disguises or half measures. But it is also the victory of the continuation of Castroism, now without ideology, ruling on the Island. Russian capitalism works, although not in the democratic way it should. It is the farewell “gift” that Raúl Castro gives to Cubans, whom – like Fidel – he has always ignored.

An agreement for the implementation of the experiment has just been signed on the Island, between a direct envoy of Putin and the Castro authorities. Previously, Díaz-Canel and the Russian leaders had agreed to implement the “Russian political-economic system” on the island, a declaration of incompetence on the Cuban side to govern and give its people the minimum.

They have already delivered the Uruguay sugar mill in Jatibonico to Russia, and the Russians will enter the Island pretending to make “investments,” which will be nothing more than taking over all the unproductive companies in the country and sharing them with the local, incompetent communist leaders.

As part of the game – of course – they will have to give the Cuban farmers some economic freedom to produce. Then we will see a surplus of agricultural production since, whenever this has happened, farmers have filled the country with all kinds of food.

The political dictatorship will remain intact; the repression of opponents will be increased to maintain material and power perks; and those well-intentioned innovators outside the party will have their actions limited, because the idea is, as in Russia, that only the “partners” of the dictator can be “oligarchs,” to protect political power.

Most likely there will be food and some material goods, and the day to day will be more bearable. There will be no political and social freedom, and the only thing that can be expected from the dictator and his gang is that, as in Russia, they continue to oppress the people even as they end the ration book.

Translated by Regina Anavy


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