Court Confirms Sentences for Garrido Sisters for July 11th (11J) Protest in Mayabeque

The writer and activist María Cristina Garrido saw her sentence confirmed, a long with the other defendants in her case, during this week’s appeal. Writing on hand: No more violence against women. (Facebook)

14ymedio biggerThe writer and activist María Cristina Garrido saw her sentence confirmed, a long with the other defendants in her case, during this week’s appeal. (Facebook)

14ymedio, Madrid, 2 June 2022 — The writer María Cristina Garrido Rodríguez and her sister Angélica, sentenced in March to seven and three years in prison respectively after their participation in the July 11th (11J) protests, had their sentences ratified after the appeal hearing held this Monday in the Provincial Court of Mayabeque.

According to Luis Rodríguez Pérez, Angélica’s husband, during the hearing the charge of attack was modified and the charge of contempt was maintained. However, the sentence did not undergo any change.

In the same case were Alexis Pedro Acosta Hernández, Osmany Hernández Rodríguez, Giorbis Pardo del Toro, Yanet Sánchez Cocho and Patricia Lázara Acosta Sánchez. The five, a married couple and their daughter who were in the main square of Quivicán drinking with two friends, had a fight and, according to Rodríguez Pérez, they were arrested and included in the same case and their sentences were also confirmed.

“Their case is also sad, there is a 14-year-old boy who, if his parents’ sanction is maintained as it is, would be left in the care of his sister who is very young and has a little girl. [And nothing they did was] related to 11J, nor with the Garridos. It is likely that they tried them together to smear them with politics, or to give the Garridos a criminal connotation more common than political,” Rodríguez said.

According to her account, the judge – whom she describes as an actress – indicated that the Revolution was generous with children and the sentence of the mother of the family was modified to six years of correctional work with internment. When the astonished lawyer pointed out that this was already the sentence she received in the first trial, the magistrate replied: “Ah, yes! Here it is! Apparently there was a mistake. Well, then it stays that way, as it is.”

This Thursday the appeals of Abel Lescay were also held and, according to the musician himself, those of 18 more people who were with him in court. In addition, Makyel Puig, who was already sentenced to 20 years for his participation in 11J, was facing a second trial for allegedly assaulting a guard at the Quivicán prison where he was an inmate.

As of today the results of these hearings have not been reported.


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