Complaints of Cuban Migrants Detained in Mexico, Including Children, Are Increasing

Mayelín Díaz Vargas, one of the Cubans injured in Chiapas, was arrested this Wednesday in Mexico City. (Image capture)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Mexico, 8 November 2023 — Migration Agents arbitrarily arrested Mayelín Díaz Vargas on Wednesday, one of the Cubans injured in the traffic accident in Pijijiapán (Chiapas) where 10 migrants from the Island died. This 51-year-old woman from Havana was informed that the protection order she showed to the officers “was not valid” at the International Airport of Mexico City, where she was about to board a flight to the city of Tijuana, on the border with the United States.

Díaz Vargas was ” transferred against her will” to the Las Agujas station, in Mexico City, activist and lawyer José Luis Pérez Jiménez tells 14ymedio. After the woman sent him a message alerting him about her situation, she was “incommunicado,” the lawyer denounces.

According to the activist, this person “has no impediment to transiting the country.” However, the agents “violated the human rights of the migrant and ignored the disposition of a judge.”

The staff of the Las Agujas station refused to offer reports to this newspaper about Díaz Vargas. “If he is not family, he cannot be given information about the person he is asking about,” said the Migration representative at the access door.

Pérez Jiménez denounced the continued arbitrary detention of Cubans in Mexico. “They are being stopped and locked up with the imminent threat of deportation, which they are covering up by calling it ’assisted return’.”

After the woman sent him a message alerting him about her situation, she was “incommunicado,” the lawyer denounces

Reinier Martínez, one of the first of the 138 Cubans deported by the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador since mid-October, denounced the irregularities committed daily by immigration agents and the Mexican administration. “You have to sign to be able to leave,” an agent at the Siglo XXI Migration Station told him. Not knowing what it was about, the man said that they took his fingerprints and passed him several papers. Shortly after, he was returned to the Island.

On the other hand, complaints against Migration for separating families have also grown. Lawyer José Luis Pérez Jiménez points out that on October 31, two families of Cubans, who were traveling with children, were arrested in the state of Puebla. Iriela Pérez González, 36, who was traveling with her son Edgar Lediam Cárdenas Pérez, 17, and daughter Melissa Laura Cárdenas Pérez, 9, was assured by an officer that while she was in detention, the minor and the teenager would be taken to another place, without giving details of the location.

The migrant defense lawyer emphasizes that Pérez Gónzalez was transferred to Tuxtla Gutiérrez, in Mexico City. However, the whereabouts of the minors are unknown, so an amparo (protection order) has been processed demanding their immediate release.

Based on article 160 of the Amparo Law, an ex officio suspension was used so that “no assisted return or deportation order is executed against this family of Cubans.

In the same situation is the Cuban migrant Erianny La O Camejo, 35, who was separated from her children, Janna María Luis La O, 12, and Javier Alejandro Luis La O, 15, in addition to Heriberto Torres Jiménez, 29, and Daviel Hernández Mondeja, 32.

Translated by Regina Anavy


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