Coincidences / Regina Coyula

70% of Cubans born under the BLOCKADE

A galloping economic crisis, growing unemployment, infinitesimal GDP growth, scandal by revelation of secrets; the loss of credibility and trust in the government … chaos. And all this said on the National Television News … information transparency? Don’t get your panties in a bunch, we were talking about the United States. I know more about what’s happening with our northern neighbor or in any of those decadent countries on the edge of collapse; I almost know more about what’s going on in any part of the world, with the possible exception of North Korea or Iran, than I can know about Cuba. The week where they don’t dedicate a Round Table TV show to once again discuss these themes is rare. I am interested in being informed about what goes on in the world, but above all I am interested in knowing what is happening in my own country.

Translated by: JT

November 15, 2010