CLAUDIO FUENTES MADAN from the Photography Agency CUBARAW is Still a Prisoner Since Thursday! / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

The Cuban photographer Claudio Fuentes Madan from the independent photo agency CUBARAW, is still a prisoner, being tortured without charges or any type of contact with his friends and family, on these supercold nights at the Police Station in Aguilera Street in the Lawton neighborhood.

The police, with their criminal irony, say they didn’t arrest him, he’s not their prisoner, he’s just in arbitrary holding as long as the political police order it.

The state of his health is unknown and it’s very possible he’s on a hunger and thirst strike for three days now.

The repressor called CAMILO is especially brutal towards him, although in the video of the arrests its obvious that Claudio maintained a disciplined attitude toward the repressive authority of State Security the whole time.


November 10 2012