Celebrating the Third Anniversary of the Founding of Free Peasants Committee of CID / CID

On the morning of Sunday August 25, 2013, members of different organizations met at the home of Rolando Pupo Carralero, President of the Committee of Free Peasants of the Independent and Democratic Cuba Party (CID), at the headquarters of this organization home to celebrate the third anniversary of its founding.

Several days earlier, it had already been decided by the members of the Committee of Farmers that celebrating this date was very important to them. Then the preparations began. Everyone was invited, with the news passing by word of mouth and with great care, so that it would not filter out to the repressive dictatorship.

With much work they managed to get everything they needed for a great celebration and finally the day arrived for everyone. From early in the morning, the dictatorship’s dogs were already circling, but the guests were smarter, they all came with muddy shoes and pants rolled up to the knee, as they had to leave the main road guarded by the henchmen, to take to the verges, ditches and rice fields and even crossing mountains, but in the end, all together as God intended.

The meeting began with the singing of the notes of our National Anthem, Rolando Pupo Carralero then spoke and said that the Free Peasants Committee is an organization which was founded on August 20, 2010, with the aim of bringing together all those peasants who one way or another do not want to remain under the yoke imposed by the Castro regime and who are willing to break the chains that binds them to a production model that has enslaved them for over 50 years.

He also listed the complaints and the needs of tobacco industry and the abuses of the farmers in the area. Also, Roberto Blanco Gil, Chairman of the CID Steering Committee Against Abuse took the opportunity to distribute 20 copies of the weekly The New Republic.

At the meeting Noralys Martin Hernández, provincial delegate to the Federation of Rural Latin AmericanWomen (FLAMUR) in Pinar del Rio, congratulated the members of the Committee of Peasants for all the work they’ve done in this time and urged them to continue fighting for a free and Democratic Cuba .

José Rolando Cáceres Soto, provincial director of the Cuban Revolutionary Party (PRC) congratulated all the farmers with a big hug and said he felt proud to know that there are peasants fighting for a Cuba of all and for the good of all. The meeting ended with cries of Down with Fidel! Down with Raul! LongLive the United Opposition!

Present at the meeting, all from CID, were Rolando Pupo Carralero, Yuliet Rivas Lugo, Yamilys Valdés Rodríguez, Yusniel Pupo Carralero, Luis A Ruiz Calderón,  Orleans Bentos González, Berta Irene González, Yordan Pupo Carralero, Islei Bentos Gonzáles, Pedro L Hernanz Rodríguez, Edisbel Forteza, Wibi Alvares Gonzalez, Domingo Hernández, Yoandris Hernández Ceballos, Andy González Hernández, Belkis Pérez Pérez, Víctor Pérez Martínez, Roberto Blanco Gil, Rogelio Loases Fuentes, Hermes Rodríguez and Vidal Barrios Pérez.

Guests from the People’s Revolutionary Party (PRC) were: José Rolando Cáceres Soto, Idalberto Abascal Quintana, Osnier Reyes Jaime, Pedro A Padrón Amor, Esteban Ajete Abascal, Luis A Hernández Arencibia, Danés Benítez, Rasbel Espinosa Caraballo, Lázaro León Alvares.

From FLAMUR  Noralys Martin Hernández, Olga Lidia Torres Iglesia, Ana Maris Mérida Serra, Irina C León Valladares.

From the Pedro Luis Boitel Party, Eliosbel Garriga Cabrera, Pedro L Sabat Valdés, Maikel A Hernández Perdigón, Aramis Hernández Perdigón, Yamirka Ledesma Santana, Yancarlos Hernández Perdigón.

From 10 de Octubre, freelance journalist José Martinez and Luis A. Hernández Marrero.

29 August 2013