Call of Duty / Regina Coyula

In Cuba there aren’t stores where video games are sold, but their fans — and we can almost talk, in some cases, about professionals — generally young men, arrange their favorite games to be brought up to date by version, hacked, as it is supposed. There exists an underground market where the providers have everything to satisfy, in a spontaneous organization of market laws.

But last week a game rocketed up in demand and even those who didn’t play Super Mario wanted the latest version of Call of Duty. And all because the Granma newspaper dedicated a piece to speaking horribly about said video game and in passing about American imperialism. Or the other way around, because this military game, which began with missions in the Second World War, was set in the Cold War and the first mission that the player must complete is the assassination of … You guessed it!

Translated by: JT

November 29 2010