Barbara’s Helplessness / Odalina Guerrero Lara, Cuban Law Association

1361839317_odalinaAtty. Odalina Guerrero Lara

Barbara Fernandez Barrera, a resident of 7403 47th Ave., upper level, between 74 and 76, San Antonio de los Baños in the province of Artemisa, a Cuban national, had her water service cut off at the entrance to the tank under the building, which always supplied the families occupying the house, which is owned by Barbara Fernandez Barrera, and permanently occupied since 1985.

He went to the Legal Directorate of the Cuban Law Association in order to have them review her case and receive guidance, alleging and presenting claims, for legal representation and  for her.

It is evident that:Resolution 683/07, issued by the Municipal Housing Office on November 6, 2007, favored Mrs. Flora Hada Álvarez Álvarez, former owner of the property located at Calle 74 number 4702 between 47 and 49, San Antonio de Baths, which she acquired in 1990, under Notarial Deed Swap No.637, dated November 11, 1990, granted before Olga Lidia Hernández Martínez, and then ceded by donation to Mrs.Elsa Rodríguez Alfonso y Lizet y Lizbet Camblor Rodríguez; who was in charge of depriving Barbara Fernandez Barrera of water since 2009 when access to the tank was cut off.

As established in Law 59 of the Civil Code, Title V. Exchange. Article 367. – Through the exchage agreement, the parties agree to exchange the ownership of one property for another. Essential requirements for the exchange are to describe the property of each of the parties, as well as to detail the corresponding technicalities.

Many claims have been made public buy this citizen to resolve the situation, but she has not received anything in her favor, and three years have passed and the situation continues. She said:

“I’m a  dissident and for that reason I am being excluded in this way, no lawyer wants to represent me, I could not even get the Certificate of Land Registry, which has been denied me.”