Bad Handwriting in La Joven Cuba (29) / Regina Coyula

I will summarize my opinion on the posts referring to transportation in a single comment because in both posts I find the element of corruption. Of course there is corruption elsewhere, even more aggressive than in our country; the difference is that it is supposed that we work on “project” in which corruption has no place because as everything is social property, it would not occur to anyone to steal.

The reality has been otherwise.

One of the commentaries talked about a yacht in which Fidel and Garcia Marquez went fishing. The Blue Bird I, the Blue Bird II, the Yaguaramas or another yacht I don’t know? The young almendrone (taxi) driver only offers a tiny picture that I haven’t seen. To fight against corruption, which has two powerful allies — the double standard and the lack of transparency — is like tilting at windmills.

Although it was widely criticized, I agree with Tatu. The teacher’s task is to educate. The anti-corruption crusade is not an individual task. In Cuba there are no laws or regulations that specify limits to the powers of public officials. Of ALL public officials. If there is not vertical control it is a losing battle. You can’t play with the weakest links in the chain and ignore that it is those who are at the end of the chain who are responsible.

March 5 2012