Attention! Country First / IntraMuros

By Sironay González Rodríguez

These days, when we are leaving behind the Cuban Communist Party Congress, which addressed a series of measures which have left a people not hopeful but concerned; when a there is a shortage of the word of the day in our lives; when our government excludes and marginalizes the whole idea of favorable change for all Cubans, and turns their campaign to discredit a part of civil society into a tasteless campaign, we should reflect on the value that is being given to the Nation.

The actions taken on behalf of the Nation, be they to honor the fallen, or for love, never should be undertaken to threaten those who form a part of our nationality. The country belongs to everyone, and therefore we are all called to support her, take care of her, and raise all of our children to be a part of her.

When we truly loves our native soil, and see it dying as ours it, for lack of the many values that strengthen a country, we must be united, thinking of solutions to benefit everyone, not tearing apart and rejecting plans and projects that could help the majority.

Cuba is in times of change, we reject all who call for hatred and exclusion, and above all we call for all the pride, or remorse, our Nation imposes.

Sironay González Rodríguez
b. San Cristobal, Artemis. 1976

April 28 2011