Are There Guarantees in Cuba for Marambio? / Laritza Diversent

Another issue is to certify that the proprietor of the International Network Group(ING) will have his guarantees respected. One of the managers of “Alimentos Rio Zaza,” the private company formed between the Cuban Government and Marambio was the 59-year-old Chilean Roberto Baudrand. He was under house arrest in Cuba and endured strenuous interrogation sessions. In April, he was found dead at his apartment.

The Cuban autopsy, accepted by the family of the deceased, certified that the cause of death was due to respiratory failure combined with the consumption of drugs and alcohol. There is still doubt if the death was due to accidental death or to suicide.

With respect to whether the criminal process against Marambio will take place in part in Chile, I have my doubts. The questionnaire with 21 questions presented to the businessman by the Cuban authorities, is a different process. In this case, his answers are that of a witness.

In the investigation other directors of his companies in Cuba are implicated, accused of paying bribes, embezzling funds and diverting resources outside the country. Marambio was linked to the corruption scandal that involved the director of Institute of Civil Aeronautics of Cuba (IACC) and Major General Rogelio Acevedo. Lucy Leal, director of ING, was arrested and is being investigated.

Cuban procedural law provides that when the witness resides outside the national territory treaties between the two countries, if any, will be observed. If there are no treaties, formal letters through diplomatic channels will be sent, according to international practices.

The proceedings, the summons and the indictment, officially published by the Cuban authorities, are formal procedures, not administrative ones as believed by the lawyers for the Chilean businessman.

September 7, 2010