Another Letter to the Attorney General / Yamil Domínguez

Havana, January 11, 2011

To: the Attorney General of the Republic of Cuba

Allow me to present myself, Yadaimí Domínguez Ramos, resident of Calle 4, No 119 between 1st and 3rd, Playa, City of Havana, I direct myself to you to make you aware of the situation of my brother Yamil Domínguez Ramos, as a result of your criminal process.

On 31 August 2010, the People’s Supreme Court issued sentence 120/2010, which annulled the sentence 549/2008 of the Provincial Court of the City of Havana, as a result of a review and appeal process requested by the First Vice Minister of Justice: Urbano José Pedraza Linares.

The Highest Judicial Organ of the Republic ordered the process returned to the preparatory phase to widen the investigation with this result: the investigation made the same statement, confirming what Yamil had stated from the very beginning. In early December the Instructor sent the Preliminary Case File No 97/2007 to the Attorney General with his conclusive report for an alleged illegal entry, and at the same time the attorney asked for a change of custody for my brother.

Up to today there has been no pronouncement on the part of the Prosecutor about this matter and what’s worse is that my brother, since December 30, has been on a hunger and thirst strike at the Security Pavilion of the Carlos J. Finley Hospital, demanding a change in his custody status until the process is complete. It is worth considering that the crime with which he is charged has a maximum sentence of three years in prison, and in this case Yamil has been in prison three years and three months in these conditions.

I request your greatest understanding. From the humane point of view, the case demands your attention, dedication and a solution as quickly as possible. Please do not allow irreparable damages to occur to a good man and a good family. With the change in custody, if the paperwork is delayed, more damage can be avoided and time to amend the injustice gained.

In the name of our whole family, and myself, we thank you in advance for your valuable time.

Yadaimí Domínguez Ramos.

January 12 2011