Letter to the Attorney General of the Republic of Cuba / Yamil Domínguez

For injustice there is only one remedy, and it is not forgetting, but justice.

I, Inés María Ramos Nápoles, a Cuban citizen with ID car No.: 40012108557 and resident of Calle 4 No. 119 between 1st. and 3rd. Playa, City of Havana, put before you my understanding the situation of my son Yamil Ramos Domínguez, a U.S. citizen of Cuban origin, who has been on a hunger and thirst strike since December 30, 2010.

In April of last year we presented an Appeal of the Case to the Ministry of Justice and, collaterally, my son began a hunger strike demanding a review of his case. He abandoned the strike after 107 days following a report by the First Deputy Vice Minister of Justice himself, Urbano José Pedraza Linares, in which he asked for a review by the Supreme Court. Subsequently in August of the same year, the Supreme Court accepted the request, reviewed the case and the sentence (Sentence No, 120/2010) and annulled the sentence and sent the case back to the preparatory phase.

In October, the widened investigation found in Yamil’s favor and closed the report in November on the alleged illegal entry.

Since 6 December, the instructor gave the file preparation phase (EFP: 97 / 2007) to the Prosecutor, requested the change of custody as the attorney representing my son had requested, and nothing was heard from the Prosecutor on this request, up to today, there has been no conclusive report, leading to Yamil being in the position he is now in.

My son is in the Security Ward of the Military Hospital Carlos J. Finlay, where he had recuperated after a long hunger strike.

In essence, Yamil has spent three years and three months in detention, which exceeds the maximum penalty for the crime he was processed for. I hope you have the greatest understanding of this case. I am a sick person, operated on for breast cancer, with high blood pressure, and other illnesses that I must bear with the pain of my family and I and the situation of my son. It is noteworthy that in the first seven days in the hospital he received no medical attention.

After only four months of recovery he has taken this position because he was not even granted the change of custody measure allowing him to stay in the legal residence where I reside until the end of this process, and so to avoid irreparable damage.

There is no reason to justify Yamil’s staying one minute longer in the Pavilion of the Security Hospital.

I am desperate, please listen to me and to avoid greater evils.

María Inés Ramos Naples.

Signed in Havana, this 7th day of January 2011.

January 10 2011