Alternative Cheese Cake / Rebeca Monzo



3 eggs, from the bodega.

1-1/4 C. powdered milk, sold door-to-door.

1-1/4 C. yogurt, sold door-to-door.

1 C. of white sugar from the ration book.

1 T. of vinegar from the farmers market.

1/2 tsp. of salt from the neighbor.


Pour three whole eggs into a bowl.

Add the powdered milk, yogurt, sugar, vinegar and salt.

Stir and strain all. Pour into a mold you’ve put caramel in beforehand.

Cover and leave on medium heat for about 50 minutes.

Check that poor Marie’s* water does not evaporate.

The cake will be ready when you stick a toothpick, or whatever you have at hand into the middle, and it comes out clean.

Let it cool before inverting the cake onto a plate.

Serves many people, depending on the appetite of the guests.

*Translator’s note: A bain-marie (also known as a water bath) is a French term used in cooking in which a smaller container is filled with the substance to be heated or cooked and fits inside the outer container, usually filled with water.

April 1 2011