Clarification for the Reader / Francis Sánchez

“Man in the Clouds ” is my personal blog. My expectations are based on fulfilling the natural mandate of God to live and express myself as a rational social being, like any creature with free will. I believe my right to think and share my thoughts is a universal inalienable right. I am open to sharing, in this sense, works that are literary, informative and of a diverse nature, including from other authors when appropriate.

I have not the slightest chance of regular access to the internet, not even to email. I cannot read, much less moderate, the comments that readers leave on my site, though the latter doesn’t interest me. Although I would like to post more often, it’s impossible for the same reason.

Opening this blog and making my thoughts “visible” has had a very high cost to me in my “real” life in Cuba, in an inland area and a province where there is no tradition of this kind of independent action. For now, I will not describe the consequences. Suffice it to say that certain defamatory comments, certain personal attacks, are only the tip of the iceberg that weighs on me and my family.

I believe I can summarize the human dignity offered by Christ as an ethical basis in which I aspire to remain firm, a consistent being. And, as I myself expect, in this blog I can expect my work to be censored and must adjust to that.

I have never belonged to any political organization.

I belong to my family, period.

As an intellectual, the cloud I am in is just as easy: literature, freedom, and the agony of living inclined to goodness and truth.

Although tomorrow I could feel myself destroyed, reduced to less than dust, whatever happens, whatever is said, whatever is done to me, I believe that the clouds or the beauty in which I rest my thoughts will not let me contradict myself.

March 31 2011