Aeroflot Flies This Weekend to Return Russians and Cubans to Their Respective Countries

Russian Tourists in the Cancun Airport in Mexico. (EFE)

14ymedio biggerEFE/14ymedio, Havana, 6 March 2022 — After spending more time than planned in Cuba, Russian tourists began to return to their country this weekend, thanks to the Aeroflot airline making special flights to the island and the Dominican Republic, according to the Juventud Rebelde newspaper.

The delay is due to the suspension of permits to fly over  US, Canadian and European airspace imposed on Russian airlines, after the invasion of Ukraine.

Residents on the island are accepted on flights from Russia, but from Cuban airports domestic passengers will be admitted only after all Russian tourists have a seat, the Aeroflot airline said.

This weekend, some 400 Russian tourists left the Cancun airport, in Mexico, for Moscow, Russia, after more time than expected on their trips.

Five days after the Russian invasion began, the Association of Russian Tour Operators (Ator) reported the suspension of trips to Latin America and the Caribbean. That day, Aeroflot announced that it was stopping its transatlantic flights to Mexico, the United States, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

Russian tourists in Cuba had to send the embassy an email, individually, with their name and surname, passport number, date of entry to Cuba and arrival flight number, expected departure date and flight number, airport and, if there is one, the tour operator.

The Cuban Airport and Aeronautical Services Company (Ecasa) broadcast a message on its Telegram channel last week, announcing that the Nordwind airline company would maintain flights from Russia to Cuba and vice versa, with specific instructions for Cubans.

This message indicates that Cubans will be accepted on return flights from Russia to the Island, while “from Cuban airports, Cuban passengers will be accepted only after all Russian tourists are accepted.”


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