Advice from Dentists on Avoiding Coronavirus Contagion / Juan Juan Almeida

This is a blue toothbrush (ready for a night on the town?)

Juan Juan Almeida, 8 August 2020 — Experts from the Official Dentists’ College of Castellón (CODECS) insist on the need to wash your hands before touching your toothbrush, clean and dry it correctly after each use and keep it from having contact with other members of the household in order to avoid cross contamination with Covid-19.

Other guidelines are to not share your toothbrush, place it in a vertical position and in a separate glass for each family member, put on the protective cap only if it has holes, wash your hands well before touching the toothbrush and keep it as far away as possible from the toilet. Make sure the whole bathroom is clean.

Translated by Regina Anavy

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