A Trip with Pratfalls / Rebeca Monzo #Cuba

Hello, everyone!

I am writing from the French town of St. Louis to let you know that I arrived safely and that the reunion with my granddaughters could not have been better. The morning after my arrival was magnificent. That night, after everyone had gone to bed except my older granddaughter and me, I tried to send some messages by Gmail, but simply could not. Frustrated, I decided to go to bed. It was already after midnight and, since I did not want to wake anyone up, I did not turn on the lights. I did not know the house well, so in the dark I tried to find the hallway that led to the bedrooms. The stairs were confusing, but I managed to climb some twenty steps only to collide with some Chinese carvings adorning the landing. The racket was so loud that it woke everyone up. I kept going but immediately knew that I had somehow injured my right hand.

In trying to protect my head with my arm during the fall, I fractured my ulna. Therefore, not only did I wake everyone up, but they had to take me to the hospital emergency room at Mulhouse, where I had to have a surgical intervention.

The care at the hospital was wonderful. As fate would have it, I had to make use of an insurance policy for which I was never happy about paying perhaps because it gave me a sense of foreboding. Thanks to my granddaughter, Isabel, I was able to write these few lines with her serving as my secretary since it will not be possible for me to use my right hand for a while.

December 23 2012