A Simile / Rebeca Monzo

I’ve always thought that coming to a consensus is difficult, but not impossible, if there is the will to do so.

Walking around town, little by little I’ve come to realize how difficult it can be. You just have to look around to see the proof of it. Never before have we Cubans been so divided, never before has our selfishness been so much on display.

Long ago, when the badly named Special Period started, in conversation with my women friends I said to them: I don’t worry so much about the misery we’re going to face, as I do about the miserable beings we could become. Unfortunately, life has proved me right.

If it’s so difficult for the we neighbors to agree on how to paint the facade of a building, of only three apartments, how are we ever going to come to an agreement to promote changes in the country? I believe it’s time to shed our selfishness and unite, looking for solutions that benefit all of us.

April 8 2011