A Sharp Phrase / Fernando Dámaso

Calle Neptuno. Photo Rebeca

Two things are infinite: the universe and human imbecility, Albert Einstein once said. The phrase, brilliant, full-length portraits of those who, creators who possess absolute truth, seek to dictate conduct, attitudes, formulas and obligatory behaviors for centuries and centuries, forgetting the constant denials of history. They are not the first to try and, unfortunately, will not be the last: the long road of mankind is marked by eternal empires that weren’t, unique ideas that no one remembers, inviolable laws that everyone violated, irreversible decrees that became wet paper, absolute rules that everyone forgot and sublime nonsense, which has made then and will make them the laughing stock of the different generations. It happens from time to time at any latitude: it is like a recycling of old mistakes.

To repeat such nonsense today and also to believe that someone will take it seriously, proves the eminent physicist right. To be more vulgar, we can add that man is the only animal that trips twice over the same stone, and sometimes three, four or more times.

Calle 15. Vedado

Nations have periods of greatness when everything seems to support their splendor (ideas, economics, politics, laws, arts, etc.), and periods of decadence, when everything seems to conspire to their misfortune. Today it is our turn, though it hurts to accept it, to be in the latter period. Just listen, read and look around to prove it to yourself: a lack of original ideas, no real solutions to economic, political and social problems, no intelligent and fair laws, and not even an art without straitjackets, as well as social indiscipline The lack of values, poor education, physical and mental violence, bad habits and other negative phenomena abound, before the official indifference of most citizens. Without a doubt, mediocrity has found its place in our society and to eradicate it will be a difficult task, especially when, for now, the winds blow in its favor.

February 20 2012