A Deplorable Example / Fernando Damaso

Source: Video of Rafael Alcides by Miguel Coyula

Fernando Damaso, 2 December 2015 — Once again we residents of Nuevo Vedado have had to suffer the incompetence and irresponsibility of the “Tree Destruction Brigade” from the Electric Company. Without the least knowledge of what it means, they “prune” them, leaving just a trunk with two or three branches that look more like arms with their hands amputated, raised to heaven begging for mercy.

As if that weren’t enough, they drop large branches over the electrical wires, caused them to break and even causing the badly anchored poles to fall down, interrupting service for twelve or more house, until they can make a repair, which generates the use of unplanned for resources and extra expenses paid for by hapless citizens… you and me.

The responsibility for this debacle lies with the Electric Company — which, despite the constant criticisms from the population that is subjected to its poor service, the worst possible administration, faulty meter readings, and the presentation of inflated bills and the bungling of every kind of task, such as replacing the posts, leaving stumps across the sidewalks as obstacles to pedestrians — seems to enjoy a status of official privileged, and they never take action against it nor against those who run it.

Without a doubt, the Electric Company is a magnificent example of the inefficiency and bad work of a “great socialist state enterprise,” where the citizen is a simple and defenseless user, and must mourn, those of us who know it, the vilified Cuban Electrical Company that repairs, maintains, prunes and does all its work without blackouts and without annoying the citizens, who are its clients.