3D / Yoani Sanchez

Poster for the Young Filmmakers Festival in Havana
Poster for the Young Filmmakers Festival in Havana

They stretch out their hands to touch the creature that seems to emerge from the screen. They scream when the dragon opens its mouth and even cringe when the trees of the ancient magic forest surround them. They are the first viewers of 3D movies in Cuba, the first travelers on an optical adventure. Teenagers, for the most part, who want to appreciate the sensation of three dimensions in the movies. They put on their special glasses and when the film ends, they always want to see it again, to re-experience those visual effects.

In my neighborhood they’ve opened a 3D theater. A tiny place run by a family where you can watch the latest movies with this technology that have been released to the world movie market. At first, no one knew precisely what it was all about, but little by little the enthusiasm has been spreading among younger people and now there is a line outside the place to get a seat in front of that fantastic screen. This week they are showing “The Hobbit,” a lavish production based on the work of the novelist and philologist J. R. R. Tolkien.

The State hasn’t wanted to be left behind and during the Young Filmmakers Festival in Havana they programmed, for the first time, a series of film showings in 3D. The projections took place in a room accommodating only 45 viewers and the tickets sold out in advance. The glasses and TVs that allow you to enjoy this technology have never been sold in Cuban stores, but the wide variety of these gadgets that show up in the underground market is surprising. On the illegal networks you can find everything you need to enjoy this new entertainment. No one wants to miss the experience, even though it only lasts a few minutes.

9 April 2013