Declaration from Cuban Democratic Alliance on the Successful End of the Hunger Strike / ALDECU

“We demand the release of Luis Enrique Lozada”. Artwork by Rolando Pulido
Luis Enrique Lozada Igarza who was released from prison after a mass hunger strike

We, the undersigned members of the plural group ALDECU (Cuban Democratic Alliance),  issue this document in order to express our deep satisfaction with the success achieved by the scores of hunger strikers belonging to the valiant Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), headed by José Daniel Ferrer García, a member of our group. On Tuesday night ended their peaceful protest after reaching the goal of achieving the release of Luis Enrique Lozada Igarza (the initiator of the hunger strike), who was unjustly imprisoned.

While we send our warmest congratulations to our dear UNPACU brothers for that undoubted victory, we express our satisfaction for the fact that the Castro authorities knew to rectify the arbitrariness that they themselves committed.

Havana, 8 May 2013

In the name of the plural group ALDECU:

Félix Antonio Bonne Carcassés

Gisela Delgado Sablón

Guillermo Fariñas Hernández

René Gómez Manzano

Iván Hernández Carrillo

Félix Navarro Rodríguez

Héctor Palacios Ruiz

Elizardo Sánchez Santa Cruz

8 May 2013