Dago on TV / Yoani Sánchez

I finish helping my son with his homework on Boccaccio’s Decameron and turn to watch a serial on television filled with another kind of human misery, so distant from medieval Italy. There are more than thirty minutes of a broadcast full of forced conclusions and barely convincing “proofs” about the relationship between opponents, plastic artists … Continue reading “Dago on TV / Yoani Sánchez”

Seeing the Past From the Viewpoint of the Present / Dimas Castellanos

“History is lived forward, but to understand it we must look back.” Kierkegaard The interaction between the lack of administrative capacity, economic inefficiency, hopelessness, widespread corruption and the massive exodus, have made the current crisis in Cuba the deepest of its history. The combination of these factors, sufficient to break any human group that aspires … Continue reading “Seeing the Past From the Viewpoint of the Present / Dimas Castellanos”

A Superfluous List / Miriam Celaya

In late November, a kind reader wrote to me suggesting I prepare a list of all dissident groups and political parties on the Island. Since the proposal has appeared publicly in the comments on more than one occasion, I propose –in turn- to answer publicly and take the opportunity to share some impressions, given that … Continue reading “A Superfluous List / Miriam Celaya”

Initiative for the Abolition of the Death Penalty on the Island / IntraMuros

Press release (Miami-Madrid-Warsaw, 10 December)- A group of Cubans celebrates the International Human Rights Day by launching a campaign to abolish the death penalty on the Island. It is an initiative of the Christian Democrat Party of Cuba, based in Miami, which already has the support of the group Convivencia Cuba (Pinar del Río), of … Continue reading “Initiative for the Abolition of the Death Penalty on the Island / IntraMuros”

Martí: The Eye of the Canary, a paean to dignity / Dimas Castellanos

“It is always good to be, even in serious cases, as least hypocritical as possible.” April started off with good news for Havana’s lovers of the seventh art. I refer to the exhibit in the Charles Chaplin cinema of Martí: the Eye of the Canary, a fictionalized feature-length film, passionate and emotional, that successfully explores … Continue reading “Martí: The Eye of the Canary, a paean to dignity / Dimas Castellanos”

Self-employment, Once Again! / Intramuros

by Karina Gálvez Once again the legalization of self-employment awakens dreams… and disappointments. Sometimes one gets tired of becoming emboldened and then almost at the same moment discouraged for the same reason that you were encouraged. It is already a custom in Cuba. But we know so well the actions of the Cuban authorities, we … Continue reading “Self-employment, Once Again! / Intramuros”

Cuban “Steps Forward” and the PSOE’s Warm Washcloths / Miriam Celaya

While reading some information on recent statements by the Cuban Foreign Minister in the framework of the UN General Assembly, in which he once again makes charges against the European Union, I join, without hesitation, the side of those who consider insufficient the measure and steps of the Cuban government, and come out in favor … Continue reading “Cuban “Steps Forward” and the PSOE’s Warm Washcloths / Miriam Celaya”

Fariñas and Sakharov: The Totalitarians Cannot Be Reformed / IntraMuros

Cuba dawned today in the monotony typical of these systems. But a text message broke into my room at 5 am: Farinas won the Sakharov Prize. The morning dawned differently for me and for many other Cubans who began to send from heart to heart — that is from cellphone to cellphone — the good … Continue reading “Fariñas and Sakharov: The Totalitarians Cannot Be Reformed / IntraMuros”


Intramuros is the blog of the digital magazine Convivencia, from Pinar del Río, Cuba.  The editorial below, which appears in English translation on the magazine’s site, describes the mission of Convivencia. CLICK IMAGE FOR BLOG IN ENGLISH “Convivencia”: First Anniversary. On the threshold after half a century December 10th 2008. We are on the threshold … Continue reading “Intramuros”

If We Want Everything To Stay the Same, Everything Must Change

By Jesuhadín Pérez. Things are going badly for Cuba. People lose freedom while trying to get it, and starve to death when asking for justice. Those in power have no ears to listen to the solutions to people’s problems, solutions that would jeopardize historical powers. This is the contradiction between form and substance. In other … Continue reading “If We Want Everything To Stay the Same, Everything Must Change”

Interview with Juan Juan Almeida*

Photo: Dagoberto Valdes, Juan Juan Almeida, Yoani Sanchez Yoani Sanchez: 1. You are an important public figure, especially because you are the son of one of the historic icons of the Cuban Revolution, the commander Juan Almeida Bosque. How have you dealt with these circumstances? Have you taken advantage of them? Have they become a … Continue reading “Interview with Juan Juan Almeida*”

Let’s call a spade and spade, and a dictatorship a dictatorship

On Tuesday night, June 29, in the city of Pinar del Rio, we delivered as part of the jury, the prizes in the contest of the independent magazine Convivencia (Coexistence). Upon entering the house of Karina Galvez, one of Dagoberto Valdes’s most fervent collaborators on their publishing project, we were welcomed to what was left … Continue reading “Let’s call a spade and spade, and a dictatorship a dictatorship”