Girl Forced to Paint a Boat With the Five Cuban Spies / Rosa Maria Naranjo

HOLGUIN , Cuba , December 16, 2013 , Rosa Maria Naranjo Nieves / Cuban Community Spokespeople Network /  On Tuesday 10 December, Human Rights Day, at Pedro Rogena Camay elementary school, in Holguín, Tahimí Miranda Rodríguez, age 7, was forced by her teacher to paint a boat with the name of the five Cuban spies prosecuted in the United States, and to include a heart that said “They will return.”

The teacher threatened the child that if she did not paint the boat and take it to her mother as a gift from the school, she would earn bad marks in her drawing class.

The child had been transferred from Paquito Gonzalez Cueto school, located in between Cable and Aricochea Miró, also in the provincial capital, because the teacher Yolennis Amaguer had attacked her with her fingernails.

Tahimí is the daughter and granddaughter of Ladies in White. Her grandmother is Maidolis Leyva Portelles and her mom is Adairis Miranda Leyva, both residents of No 307 Libertad Street, between Colosseum and Peralejo.

16 December 2013, from Cubanet