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Isla Interior
Interior Island. Angel Santiesteban Prats. Condemned. (the one with the slanted handwriting) 2013

Moments ago my latest book Isla Interior was published in the journal Otro Lunes in a digital edition available for free download. This is a compilation of posts that make up this blog and that have so greatly irritated the dictatorship.

My appreciation to all who participated in this edition: Michael H. Miranda, Sindo Pacheco, Enrique Del Risco, Luis Felipe Rojas, Elisa Tabakman and Amir Valle.

This work has been made possible thanks to Editorial El barco ebrio [Druken Boat Publishers] which collaborated, from Spain, ceding the rights of the book Bloguear a cieges [Blogging blind], published earlier with a brief sample of articles from the blog. I appreciate its wide dissemination and invite you to leave your comments on this post.

Angel Prats Santiesteban
Cuban writer

23 February 2013