Why the Demand for Another Cuba?


Why the demand?

The Cuba government’s ratification of the UN covenants imply recognition of the legal and constitutional rights of citizens such as:

-Free entry and exit from the country, freedom of movement within it.
-Full recognition of property rights.
-Dignified wages.
-Freedom of peaceful assembly and association.
-Judicial independence (fair judicial processes and with representation of counsel from the beginning).
-Parents’ right to freely choose their children’s education.
-Possibility for all Cubans, wherever they live, to invest in their country.
-Freedom to receive and disseminate information by any means (freedom of opinion, expression and the press).
-Free access to the INTERNET.
-Multiparty system and free elections.
-The implementation, in short, of a Rule of Law, which was the aspiration of the heroes of the Cuban nation.