VOICES MAGAZINE 17, TOMORROW 7pm FROM HAVANA / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo #Cuba

Brothers and Sisters,

Our (yours, mine and everyone’s) freelance magazine VOICES 17 will be launched this Friday the 30th at 7pm in Havana.

Everyone is VERY welcome to attend!

In its two years of life, VOICES depends on you as readers and authors to live. To keep from dying of loneliness in the midst of this deconcentration camp that Cuba is now. To breathe an imaginary gap of the future that may never come, but that was not less real in hears with free and beautiful people.

In the sidebar of this blog you will see all the previous issues with a link to read and download the PDFs for free.

Thank you for millions and more!

Call me on my cell phone still inside this little Isla to tell you the secrets of VOICES 17…
…at +53-53340187

Translator’s note: Orlando speaks excellent English (perhaps even better than yours or mine!)… go ahead… call him!

November 29 2012