Two-Faced / Anddy Sierra Alvarez

The new year dawns under a cloudy sky, the temperature a little low, the humidity high and my allergies so bad that I have a headache. I go out to take a bus from my house to see my mother. After some hours I head to the house of a friend who lives on my block, and walking some fifteen yards I see a blue Suzuki motorbike behind me stopping in front of my house, so I stop to look. He turns to the neighbor across the street — the snitch on the block — and asks where Anddy lives and hearing it I turn toward him, the neighbor points me out. He presents himself as an official from the Ministry of the Interior and gives me a summons, says a few words and leaves.

Looking at it I see that it’s already signed and the reason is “illegal occupation.” I’m surprised by the word and think, find, there must be some confusion and I take my ID card and head to Arroyo Naranjo to clarify the error.

Before I go in I turn on my camera and set it to film, and putting it in the pocket of my shorts I press “play,” enter, and ask for Lt. Raul. The farce and the plot begin, bringing me in with a situation where, in the end, they have no case, but it has to do with what happened at the end of the year in Yoani’s house.

Of course they make it serious enough to get me to go there, where I had to listen to a conceited official, so sure of what he — mistakenly — says, powerful, enjoying doing his thing, in short, one more of the corrupt.

Note: The “video” below has no picture — it was recorded with a camera hidden in a pocket. Also, it is in Spanish, unsubtitled, but loaded here for those who can understand it.