Tweet by Tweet, We Will Pave the Path / Luis Felipe Rojas

Luis Felipe Rojas had to upload an audio, with the help of friends in the exterior, explaining why he has not been able to publish a post for 7 days.  He explains, “For now we can only use our voice, and sometimes our phones for an occasional Tweet, to continue onward.  It is because of what I explain here that I have not been able to publish a post for 7 days“.

I went to the Santiago de Cuba Melia Hotel, which I try to go to once or twice a month in an attempt to buy an internet access card.  The ETECSA (phone company) worker told me that there was a temporary restriction, that they now can only sell internet access cards to foreigners or Cubans with foreign passports.  Something similar has been happening in the city of Guantanamo, in the Hotel of Guantanamo, for about two months now.  The service itself is there, but there are no available cards, which is the same thing as if there was no service.  Those of us who live in the Eastern area of the country, all the way to Santa Clara which is right in the center of the country, have no internet access.  There is some access in Baracoa, but we all know that the city of Baracoa is located in the easternmost point of Cuba, so it is difficult to get to.  So, those of us who want internet access are completely disconnected.  Last week I tried again in Guantanamo and they told me the same thing they have been telling me for two months, which is the same thing they have been telling other dissidents from the area.  They tell us that there are no cards.

Translated by Raul G.

31 August 2011