Transparency / Regina Coyula

Photo: Katerina Bampaletaki
On the occasion of the shooting in Tucson and of the Congresswoman who was shot, we didn’t have to wait for a Reflection. Fidel temporarily abandoned his doctors in Haiti and dedicated two of his writings to the tragic news from Arizona. Yesterday this caught my attention by its final words. I don’t have the text, but my astonishment was skepticism at hearing him ask for transparency in the reports dealing with the health of Mrs Gabrielle Giffords. The ex-President seems to forget that the illness that made him abandon his duties was a State Secret. He, so given to medical works as he demonstrated with figures about the Haitian cholera epidemic and of its suffering; nonetheless, not even a word was said in the official media; all the information on the subject has been speculation; if you don’t think so, remember those cables revealed by Wikileaks and the health of those who govern us. I, for my part, want the same thing that Fidel asks of the American media for my own.

Translated by: JT

January 12 2011