Today I Woke Up To Bullets / 14ymedio, Nelson Jesus Lanz Fuentes

Nicolas Maduro and Diosdado Cabello
Nicolas Maduro and Diosdado Cabello

The author, a militant follower of Hugo Chavez, rebukes Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro and Speaker of the National Assembly Diosdado Caballo, and the mafiosos who are destroying Venezuela.

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Nelson Jesus Lanz Fuentes, 5 November 2015 – I have borrowed a title from a poem by Victor Valera Mora that appeared in one of his books, New Anthology, to define the moment in which I am living. Why do I say that I woke up to bullets? Because in these fateful days full of darkness and pain I want to become this, the bullet fired from the gun of history that we have to construct, those of us forced to see how in the last 55 years the always there official deceivers and liars have filled our beautiful Venezuela with hunger and misery.

I have to bear up and force myself to be patient, not to go out in the streets and turn myself into a real bullet to demonstrate the rage that I feel toward so many drones and crooks who have turned our country into a casino where everything has a price, is in play and for sale. A bullet loaded with contempt instead of lead, against Maduro and Diosdado and that whole string of mafiosos that accompany them in their work of destroying our country. A bullet with some huge desires to do away with, once and for all, the evil Venezuelans of the opposition gerontocracy solidly wedded to old precepts and immovable remnants, unable to evolve toward new scenarios. It is the so-called collaborationist opposition, the same one that spent time negotiating with the rojo-rojito (redder than red) traitors.

Today I woke up to bullets, perhaps tomorrow I will wake up with a smile on my face and hope on my lips, because today, today I woke up to bullets. Imaginary bullets that I want to shoot against those negotiators of the future of my children and grandchildren. Against those sectors where all the vices and old evils of capitalism, like strong-man rule, authoritarianism and despotism, are reflected.

Today I woke up to bullets because I cannot bear to see how the soldiers who should be defending out constitutional rights have allied, like in the old days, with the new and old bourgeoisie, that is, the most rancid of capitalism, to trample those rights. Corrupt soldiers, vicious gangsters sustaining this putrid government, living live like kings as they pimp out the country they say they are defending.

Today I woke up to bullets because I cannot bear to see how the noble and combative people of Venezuela, after two centuries of shedding their blood in the streets, fields and cities, fighting against all the evils caused by capitalism and its repressive agents, after a short awakening, were again sweet-talked with promises that none of those agents delivered on. They will vote again for the same people who killed their dreams and their desires to fight. The lie will prevail and the country will weep again and the blood will have been spilled in vain.

We, if we want, can truly give birth to a new country and a new man. The so-called Fourth and Fifth Republics were only, and are only, governments led by hookers and prostitutes in service to the most aberrant capitalism. We (the people), if we want to, can accomplish a Venezuela that is yours and mine. Throw out of the Miraflores Palace those who have always trampled the country that the Liberator left us. If we want, we can make the Venezuelan soil and those who mistreat it tremble. Only the people save the people and their colossal fury will make the corrupt of the Fourth and Fifth Republics tremble with fear.

Today I woke up to bullets, hopefully every day will dawn this way.