The Unexpected Closure Of The Locale Thwarts A Meeting On Socialism / 14ymedio

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Billboards being prepared for May 1st in Havana’s Plaza of the Revolution

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 19 February 2016 — The meeting “Socialism And The Society We Want, organized by several organizations for tomorrow at the Omega Cinema in Havana, had to be postponed because at the final hour the management of the site reported that the theater “will not open its doors that day.”

Scheduled to participate in the meeting are leftist independent organizations such as Participative and Democratic Socialism (SPD), Cuban Leftist Democratic Socialists and Cuban Socialist Refoundation (ISDC-RSC) and the New Socialist Project for Cuba (NPSC).

In the article published in the SPD Bulletin this Friday, it said that the meeting was postponed, given there is not enough time to find an alternate venue. The organization assures that it will continue preparing for the event and that the date, place and time will be “announced promptly.”

Speaking to 14ymedio, Pedro Campos, one of the organizers, said the commitment was made ​​verbally a week in advance, with the idea of paying the rent on the day of the event. “When we went by yesterday to confirm the reservation, we were told that the place was closing that day but were offered no explanation. It wasn’t for fumigation for because someone had forbidden it. They simply said it would be closed.”

Campos did not want to speculate on the reasons for the refusal. “As they say in the TV show Passage to the Unknown, everyone can draw their own conclusions,” he added.