The Temporal Dimension / Reinaldo Escobar

From all sides voices are heard asking the government to hurry. An editorial in the Catholic publication Espacio Laical emphasizes that the transformations must be made with the greatest possible urgency, that certain adjustments shouldn’t wait and suggests that we are already coming to the end of people’s patience. In a letter signed by L.R. Perez Gonzalez and published last Friday in the newspaper Granma, the author reflects the opinion that it is necessary to show a little more agility in making decisions and to do so as quickly as possible. He also recalls that the people are patient, revolutionary, and self-sacrificing in everything… “but we can’t trust.”

Just like in those computer games played by teenagers almost everywhere in the world, in the case of political and social transformations there is a horizontal bar marking the time left to take action. Paradoxically, if the player doesn’t go fast enough from the beginning, he will have to speed up his actions even more in the final seconds and this is frequently a source of more mistakes.

Yes, I know that it’s one thing to participate in a game where there are strict rules to follow and another to lead a nation at one’s whim, where those who govern us have imposed the rule of victory at any price and they have the power to cheat, to break promises, to disqualify opponents, and even to erase the records of the past. But time is running out and soon they will no longer be able to buy one more minute. It’s as if the sound of ticking was getting louder in all the clocks and the final pages of this 2011 calendar was more brilliant and striking. “Comrade Cronos” is demanding the floor, screaming and pounding his fist on the table.

22 November 2011