The Resignation / Rafael León Rodríguez

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This past February 2013 the world was universally surprised by the resignation of His Holiness Benedict XVI from the papacy, an event that hasn’t happened for six centuries. Joseph Ratzinger, the successor of John Paul II in 2005, will retire in Castell Gandolfo with the aim not interfering while the process of a conclave to elect the new successor of Peter goes forward..

February, februarius in Latin, was regarded in ancient times by the Romans as the month of purification and also of the dead. In Cuba could be considered the month of resuscitation. And, along with the visit of Russian President Medvedev the last week of that month, the issue of debt to the former Soviet Union returns. It seems that an agreement was finally reached between the two governments: Cuba will pay a part of this and Russia will write off the rest. The figures discussed are thirty billion dollars owed by the island. Something like what people say is the famous Cuban debt to Paris Club: $ 30.471 million. And one wonders, well, what where has all that money gone, where are the economic results of these loans? Will we Cubans know someday how this national economic disaster was funded?

It must be because of this, among many other questions, that the news of the public ratification, during the meeting of the new National Assembly and the new Council of State, of General President Raul Castro’s agreeing to reside over the dictatorial regime for only five more years. As if half a century was too little time, to prepare a transfer.

The outgoing vice-president relinquished his post; the Minister of the Interior seconded it. Thus the permanents succession within the spheres of power is ensured and set a precedent. Nothing but resignations and… resignations.

5 March 2013