The Real Reason / Laritza Diversent

“Don’t feel get too confident, I have other Agent Emilios.” That was the message — a bit old and worn out — sent out by State Security in their wrongly named report titled “The Reasons of Cuba” (broadcast by state TV on the night of February 26th) to the dissidence and anyone else who holds a critical stance against the government.

The video displayed two images of infiltrators interfering “in the lives of others” in order to plant the seed of discord. These are work instruments which try to create lies with the purpose of discrediting. I can imagine how deceived those who were close to them must have felt. What is certain, however, is that people like that are not secret agents by conviction, but instead, they are victims of bribery.

When I saw the preview on TV, I couldn’t help but feel curious. I was pretty shocked and couldn’t find any words to describe what has just happened. Who would have known? The independent journalist, Carlos Serpa Maceira, better known as the State Security Department as “Agent Emilio”, went right in through the front door of the media.

What a sad role for Serpa. Poor unfortunate soul. He looked like a clown right in the middle of a circus act. He is far from imagining that he won the disgust of many, and lost the most valuable thing a human being can have — his dignity.

They tried to defend him. They gave him a grand recognition as if he was some sort of glorious fighter. The man was enjoying the jubilation of the battle field, where his chiefs were those who have the weapons. Who would ever be able to trust in someone like that again? The label of “snitch” will hang around his neck for the rest of his life.

But in reality, the TV show did not say anything new. Who doesn’t know that there are more “Agent Vladimiros” and that there are fabricated dissidents? In fact, no one can escape this doubt. He gives his opinions and does everything out in the open, with names and last names, while the majority just whispers and offers suspicions.

Yet, there is an incentive which remains. Despite the fact that we are not given the chance to respond, there are many of us who are willing to go beyond the doubt. On the other hand, they are not very sure of themselves at all, even if it those are their real names. How do they think the images of the deaths in Mazorra leaked onto the internet? Or the video of the cyber-police, which exposed the dangers of the internet?

The hit was hard, and it was indeed felt. Not really because of the content, but because of its consequences. They have reminded us that they are the owners of the media. We have no way of defending ourselves and we must acknowledge that we are at a disadvantage. However, despite the mindset of warfare assumed by the government and their urge to “infiltrate the battle lines of the enemy” and to make it clear that they have the power and means to squash us, they exposed to us that they are very afraid.

Why the desire to vilify us if we are such an “insignificant minority”? Is it possibly because the number of people who are willing to say what they feel, without veiling their real sentiments, is growing? Is it because they fear the events happening in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Algeria? If they are so sure of their Revolution, then what do they fear? Perhaps that is the real reason.

Translated by Raul G.

March 15 2011