The Quadruplets Have a Birthday

Two plumeria rubra plants, common name frangipani, in the editorial office of the newspaper ’14ymedio’.

14ymedio bigger 14ymedio, Yoani Sanchéz, Generation Y, 21 May 2022 — I have made some vital decisions that fill me with pride. The list would be very long but here I leave some of the most important on this day to remember one of them:

    • At age 16: Choose a humanities degree despite also having a strong attraction to Physics.
    • At 17: Meet a “crazy and long-haired” journalist named Reinaldo Escobar, and go live with him.
    • At 19: Give birth to Teo, although most of my friends and acquaintances told me that it was too early to be a mother.
    • At 26: Emigrate and taste the pleasant taste of freedom.
    • At 28: Return to my country and, against all odds, raise my critical voice within the island’s borders.
    • At 31: Write the first post of my Generation Y blog.
    • At 38: Found the newspaper 14ymedio.
    • At 43: Inaugurate the Cafecito informativo podcast.

Today our “quadruplets” are turning eight. This is what we say, in the privacy of the home, to the newspaper 14ymedio, because since it was born, on May 21, 2014, there has been no early morning in peace in this house, and when the news “screams” all rest is over. Our lives have come to be at the mercy of news emergencies, the ups and downs of reality and the vertigo of a newsroom.

Nothing to regret, I cannot imagine a better existence.

This is the eighth month of May in which I blow out the candles of this newspaper and in which I am grateful to be surrounded by excellent reporters, essential journalists and sharp editors.

Family, being with you is one of the best decisions of my life. I have no doubt.


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