‘The Parole Has Been My Life’s Salvation,’ says ‘La Diosa’ On Arrival in Miami from Cuba

‘La Diosa’ made statements to various media outlets after her arrival at Miami International Airport. (Screen capture)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 28 January 2023 — Excited and surrounded by microphones, the Cuban singer Dianelys Alfonso, La Diosa, made her first statements after arriving from Cuba, this Friday, in the city of Miami. “The ’parole’ [program] has been the salvation of my life,” said the artist, who managed to leave the Island with her family under the new immigration program that came into force on January 6.

“Everyone knows that I am one of the artists who has suffered the most in Cuba,” stressed the singer, who traveled with her husband and youngest daughter. Between sobs, La Diosa explained that due to the censorship of her they had “destroyed” her artistic career, since in recent years the Cuban regime did not allow her to perform on national stages. “I’m in a country where I hope to succeed,” she remarked.

The frequent criticism of the Cuban system and the repression that Alfonso unleashed through social networks made her the target of official smear campaigns, threats and a boycott to prevent her from being invited by other Cuban musicians to share the stage.

In 2019, La Diosa started the #MeToo movement in Cuba after making public her personal story with the musician José Luis Cortés, El Tosco, from whom she suffered harassment and sexist violence.

It all started when the singer told a program in Miami that she had been beaten and raped by the artist when she was a singer in the group NG La Banda. A week later, she denounced threats from El Tosco in reaction to her words. This generated a wave of solidarity and up to 300 people signed a document supporting Alfonso.

Journalists, feminists, lawyers, actresses, university students, writers, psychologists, researchers and activists signed that letter, as well as men such as the writer Antón Arrufat, National Literature Award winner. “Those people who have raised the phrase #YoSíTeCreoDiosa have helped me get ahead after that day,” the artist then declared to 14ymedio in gratitude.

At the beginning of this year, the United States extended the humanitarian ’parole’ program — which initially benefited the citizens of Venezuela — and included Nicaragua, Cuba and Haiti. With this measure, Washington intends to welcome 30,000 migrants from those countries every month, while rejecting those who try to enter its territory illegally.

To process the humanitarian parole, the beneficiary must have a “sponsor” in the United States, who must take responsibility for their financial situation.


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