The Mambisa Virgin

In Cuba we celebrated with joy a new anniversary of our beloved patroness: Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre. On the occasion of the 400 years that have passed since her apparition in the Bay of Nipe, a replica of her image toured Cuba under the slogan “Charity unites us,” and many faithful paid tribute to the Holy Queen of the Cuban people. She, who watches over us and blesses us every day with her love and peace, joined our Mambises during the war of independence, we entrust ourselves to her maternal protection. To our Cachita whom we adore, we offer to her with simplicity and humility our writings and we ask her as our loving Mother to protect us from wars, hate and grudges so that together we, the Cuban people, can work with dedication and love for the future of our homeland.

Our Sovereign Mother is blessed, because Cuba is under the protection of her womb and mercy. For the prize of the triumph of love in our people, in our divided families, and for the reunion of her Juanes in our national home. Because she strengthened us in the hope and sacred love of God and country, which is the sublime expression of our capacity to love. For the ultimate birth of freedom, that inevitably and fortunately will come to pass, for all the children of our soil, and always for her loving joy and charity.

This September 8, 2011, I ask that she, from this fount of goodness and mercy that is the Sanctuary of El Cobre, intercede for the reconciliation and peace of all her children. May we grow in humility and learn to understand and forgive, knowing that to forgive is also to have charity, and that charity is patient, is helpful (Corinthians 13, 3-8) and all it can and hope. This, we have an insight into our prayer, entrusting ourselves to her, Miraculous Virgin Mary of Charity of Cobre, and ask her to anoint us with Her grace to make us better Christians and to be prepared from our beloved country, for the future of humanity.

Translated by: A.A.A.

September 14 2011