The Last Post / The Digital Controversy, Elaine Diaz*

To The Digital Controversy, by BloggersCuba

Since March 2008 I have maintained this space as a place for calm dialogue, individual expression and exchange of experiences. “The Controversy” overcame, in a few months, the anonymity and solitude that accompanies millions of blogs on the web, to become a place for discussion of some of the most urgent issues on the agenda of Cuban citizens. What once was a site of experimentation to get a bachelor’s degree in journalism became inescapable corner for learning.

Today, after almost five years, I say goodbye to this space.

From this moment I will dedicate more time to research and teaching, two activities I’m passionate about and where I want to concentrate more in the coming years.

I am deeply grateful to all those who have ever left their mark here; to those who with their comments enriched the debate; to those who sent their impressions by mail; to those who were silent witnesses to every article; and those who I had the good fortune to meet in person.

This space will remain on the web, open to those who want to review, one more time, some moments of the past five years from the most personal, subjective and non-journalistic viewpoint of a young Cuban.

Campo Florido, August 21, 2012

*Translator’s note: As bloggers featured on this site are discussing Elaine’s decision to close her blog, La polemica digital , we have chosen to translate her last post for the better understanding of our readers.