The Kiss of Death / Julio Cesar Galvez #Cuba

Foto tomada de Internet
Photo taken from the Internet

By Julio César Gálvez

As every year, every time we approach the festivities of Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years, the Cuban military are far from home and family, locked in their barracks or running from one place to another after a fictitious enemy or ghost landing. Nothing new. From the first of January 1959 there has always been a justification for this to happen. This year, 2012, will be no exception, as the characteristics that the history of Congo, Ethiopia, Angola and other countries where Cuban troops were involved in wars or guerrilla fronts is being repeated in Venezuela this year end.

Many of  major world media announced today that a tracheotomy had to be performed in Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to keep him on life support after suffering a respiratory infection after his fourth operation for pelvic cancer.

The situation seems quite serious, when the chosen successor to Chavez, Vice President Nicolas Maduro has called, from Havana, several Venezuelan leaders who support Chavez, Diosdado Cabellos, president of the National Assembly, perhaps with the intention of their serving as witnesses to the possible death or impossible inauguration of Chavez as president for another term of office this coming January.

Given the uncertainty that they could escape from government control in the event of either of the two variants, the members of the Cuban intelligence and the Cuban military in Venezuela are on high alert. To this must be added the thousands of doctors, health personnel, teachers, coaches, close to 50,000 people, who by necessarily are subject to the orders of Cuban Brigadier General Andollo, top leader of all of the island’s personnel now in Venezuela.

The possibility of a coup in favor of Maduro, the “godson” of Fidel Castro, which would enable  the Island’s regime to maintain the ample supplies of money and oil, floats in the atmosphere.

We have to wait to see what happens, but for now, on December 15, Fidel Castro already said goodbye in person to his disciple, a leave-taking embodied in a note to Chavez supporters published by the press: “I have complete confidence in you as in him, and however painful his absence might be, you are capable of continuing his work.” This was addressed to the Cuban military in Venezuela.

December 23 2012