The Invasion of Ukraine Plunges the Official Cuban Press into Disrepute

Now, the one who remains with these grotesque versions it is because he prefers the information pap, rather than to investigate, question or search further. op headline: West aligns against Russia which advances in the demilitarization of Ukraine. Bottom headline: Kiev delays negotiations while deploying arms, warns Russia. (Collage)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Yoani Sánchez, Generation Y, Havana, 26 February 2022 — These days, the official Cuban media show off their character of political propaganda, without any adherence to the minimum requirements of journalistic information. Incidentally, they show their servility towards the Kremlin by branding as “demilitarization” what is a cruel invasion of the territory of a country, and they also blame the government of Volodomir Zelenski for the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine.

Luckily, we have independent media and internet access, despite the high prices and multiple blocked sites suffered by the latter. To which we must add, our long training to search for everything that is censored or prohibited, which is put to the test in cases like this, to be able to complete the news that the pathetic State newspaper Granma and the toxic Cubadebate website try to manipulate at will.

Fortunately, but above all because we have pushed the wall of so much information control, we are no longer that people who believed so many lies spread by the media controlled by the Communist Party. Gone are the days when millions of people on this Island swallowed that the idea that sending soldiers to Africa was to pay an “old historical debt” with that continent; or that the last Cubans on the island of Granada had immolated themselves “wrapped in the flag”… or so many other auto-attacks that Castroism carried out to later manipulate the pain of a people and cut even more freedoms from citizens.

Fortunately, we are no longer the ones who could be so easily banned from reading Moscow News, made to believe that the neighbor in our building was a NATO agent and therefore had to be imprisoned for long years, or be assured that Vladimir Putin is a good-natured leader who just wants to keep the Russians safe.

Now, the one who remains with these grotesque versions, it is because he prefers the information pap, rather than to investigate, question or search further. Now, whoever has not seen the images of the bombs falling on buildings in Kiev, the Russian tanks on their path of destruction and the defenseless population, with their children and their pets, trembling in the subway tunnels while the missiles sound outside, is because he doesn’t want to, because he refuses to know, because he has covered his eyes and ears to the truth.

We are no longer the same nor can they lie to us in the same way, but the official press does not quite realize it.


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