The Importance of Being Lazy / Diana Karen Tur Garma

cropped-dsc_0564Welcome to a new blogger, Diana Karen Tur Garma, and her blog “The Importance of Doing Nothing.” This first translated post develops the theme.

cropped-dsc_0371ccI spent much of my life hearing that creative people are usually lazy with no money, and they spend their lives wasting time and living on air. This image of living on air was always very powerful for me. Very young I read the novel of Peter Pan, where the lost children, when they have no food, imagine they are eating. They play at asking each other what dish they would order in the world’s most expensive restaurant, which undoubtedly turns out to be imagination. Then it stuck in my mind that this is people doing what they want. You already know, if you want to be truly free, eat air.

This blog is dedicated to all the air-eating slackers who are proud of it, because after all, at least for me, it has been shown that we are the hardest workers, that no one listens to us and very few believe in us.

Here I will be talking about anything that goes through my head. I’ll post some of my writings, my photos and my videos. I will also talk about movies, books and other things I like.

Welcome to any friend who wants to publish something of yours here, in whatever manifestation.

17 April 2013